About Us

Gin and Bee is brought to you by sisters, Ginene and Becky.  

After living across the country from each other for the majority of their adult lives, they were brought together through adversity in 2018. It was during this time that they discovered that they make an awesome team and, in the fertile path of grief and loss, the seeds of what could be were planted. 

The designs and patterns are created by Becky Hershey of B. Hershey Studios. Being an artist has been her dream since she was a tiny human. Becky loves color, nature, and is constantly experimenting with new materials and methods. She is an idea machine and happiest with a paintbrush in her hand.     

  The foundation and structure upon which Gin + Bee finds its success is 100% Ginene. Becky has always said that her sister could run a small country with ease and grace.  Ginene’s talent for leading, organizing, and focusing is unmatched. She is dedicated to making sure that you have everything you want and need from Gin + Bee right at your fingertips. And if you don’t, just ask! 

Life is short and these two sisters want to spend their time offering beautiful art to the world and creating gifts that allow YOU to connect with and bring joy to yourself and the ones you love. The gifts and art at Gin + Bee are just that, a way for you to tell and show your special people how you feel about them with unique, colorful creations.